Cannabis Accounting Inc.

Don't let taxes burn your marijuana business!

Getting it all together -

We have found so many areas besides outside of our basic accounting and tax services that our clients need to make their business successful.  We have helped many clients with diverse needs like IT infrastructure, equipment, installation and training, cash management, proper company  setup, marketing services and investing earnings/retirement planning.

Information technology -

We can provide entire turnkey point-of-sale systems or just the equipment and software.  New to the cloud?  No big deal....we can help make your in-house and remote systems more robust and keep you on top of your business at a glance.  Don't buy off the shelf and try to rig it up yourself; we can provide licensed contractors and Microsoft certified network engineers to do all the wiring, install, testing and training.  Keep your eye on what the business needs to do next and our professionals will keep the back office tasks running well.

Cash management -

We can help you with the inherent banking and cash management issues that affect the industry due to federal laws and restrictions.  Find out how to make your profits work when you aren't working on making more money.

Company setup -

If you choose the wrong entity, business structure or operating agreement, you can lose everything down the road at the hands of the IRS, local tax entity and former partners or investors or employees.  We can share the best practices to make sure all stakeholders are protected for their investment, manage expectations and help management of day-to-day operations goes smoothly and as planned.

Marketing services -

We have seen the good, bad and ugly marketing campaigns and advertising plans, not to mention many of the most futile efforts to increase search engine optimization and social media presence.  We can help you from throwing good money  after bad.  Our partners at have grown business for cannabusinesses by increasing their social media and web presence; we have other partners in the cannabis media that can help you establish your brand and message.

Investment and retirement planning -

Use your earnings to save for retirement, college costs for your kids, or to expand your brand to other areas in your state or even nationwide.  As a small business owner, there are numerous 401K or Roth alternatives that allow you to save for retirement and reduce your taxable liability; why  pay the government when you can pay for your life after work?  Use our licensed expertise build wealth in time to enjoy it.